Help us understand the microbial majority

Whether you are an undergraduate, a prospective graduate student or a postdoc - we are always willing to discuss the possibility of having you on our team!  We are especially interested in hearing from folks that are excited about research, self-starting, teachable, positive, dependable, perseverant, and independent. We embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds along with their experiences and ideas. Read our lab expectations for more details.

Current opportunities

There are no current open positions.

General inquiries about lab positions

Please read this before contacting us about joining the lab. Be specific about what your interests are and why you think our group is a good fit for your interests. We do not return emails that do not address these two points or if our interests do not align significantly.


Contact us directly about positions. Undergrads form the backbone of our group with crucial roles in maintaining the lab and conducting research. These positions can be paid positions or for course credit—we do not accept volunteers. We support creative independent study proposals and Honors theses.

graduate students

Before applying to graduate school please contact us. Admission to our lab is dependent an a number of factors, the primary one being money. Currently, we are accepting students through the Department of Environmental Science. In the future we anticipate accepting students through the Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, the Schools of Plant Sciences and Animal & Comparative Biomedical Sciences. Students with a Master's degree in microbiology, molecular biology, genomics, genetics or with 2+ years post-graduate laboratory experience are encouraged to inquire about PhD positions. There are limited opportunities for teaching assistantships as a graduate student, which means most admission decisions will depend on whether we have money to support you. You can help by bringing your own funding. As a student in our lab, you will be encouraged to apply for external funding.

Postdoctoral researchers

We are always happy to discuss how your ideas fit with the work we do and ways to fund your work in our lab.

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